Endpoint Protection

Eknotec Services uses the latest cutting edge technology to protect companies and organizations. With one comprehensive cloud-native platform, we defend companies and organizations by using artificial intelligence and computer vision to monitor systems for suspicious activity. ES Process offers your business 24x7x365 monitoring and increased visibility into your network, and our next-generation tech, including our fully managed SIEM and AI analytics platform, can even help you prepare for zero-day attacks,

In the event of a potential security breach, our team will immediately alert you and take steps to protect your data at any time.

Endpoint Protection: Artificial Intelligence Endpoint Security

Endpoint Protection is an endpoint-based malware detection and response (MDR) solution that detects and stops malicious files and processes (known as malware or ransomware) on Windows, Mac or Linux devices. Unlike traditional signature-based Anti-Virus, this product uses machine learning models to detect zero-day malware as well as known variants, fileless, script-based memory, and external device-based attacks. It is backed by our Security Operations Center to continuously monitor for major infections and to identify infection sources.

Key Features:

  • AI and behavioral-based

  • Automated blocking

  • Protection while offline

  • Zero-Day Prevention

  • Memory Exploitation Detection and Prevention

  • Script and Fileless Malware Detection

  • Visibility to all managed endpoints

  • Low memory and CPU footprint

  • Supports a variety of operating systems including Windows XP


Use Cases:

  • Malware & Ransomware- Identifies and blocks malicious executables

  • Malicious Scripts- Controls the way scripts execute to prevent attacks, including PowerShell.

  • Fileless Attacks- Eliminating the ability for attackers to use fileless malware attack techniques on protected endpoints

  • Email Payloads- Preventing malicious email attachments from detonating their payloads

  • Remote Worker Attacks- Because the technology does not rely on signatures, there are no database updates. Even home workers receive all the benefits, without being connected to the internet or secure company networks.

  • APT & Zero day Prevention: Threat intelligence and constant machine learning modeling keep new variants of threats from being successful.

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