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Company Profile

Eknotec Services is a Registered Business established in 2010. With a passion for technology we offer businesses the best solutions they would need to improve their business processes. 

We are Qualified Professionals who believe working together brings greater and faster success. Our aims are to work with you in finding the best solutions when using new or existing technology. Building your business around technology doesn't have to be a challenging process. Deciding on the best technology to use in your business which will give you the best solution you need shouldn't be difficult. We research what software or hardware you need to help you make the best informed decisions.


We have been working with the retail industry for over the past 3 years, our expertise and experience will bring your business to the level of efficiency that we have brought to our present and past customers.

We use Open Source and Propriety Technology to provide all the Services and Products that our clients need. We aim to Innovate and Develop the Caribbean region through technology and the co-operative efforts of others with the same goals.

Because of our partnerships we have been able to provide managed services that allow us to work not only on premise but remotely for our clients. This level of work has made us more capable of getting the work done in quick succession and our clients always have a running business.

We see the need the Caribbean region have for Development and Growth, so we aim to build a stronger region with our knowledge and expertise in Technology, where the future generation can live their dreams and become anything they desire to be. We believe it is only through the development of technology and co-operation between the islands that we can all grow.

Vision: To be the Number One Company and Driving Force behind the development and innovative use of technology in the Education, Health, Business and Security Sectors of the Caribbean.

Mission: Providing the best consultation service so that our clients and partners will be able to acheive their goals and can depend on us to bring innovative solutions to their challenges.

Goals 2020 - 2021 :

  1. We will create and help create more educational opportunities through the use of Technology for those who are seeking it.
  2. Raising the issues that affect the freedom of the internet to everyone.
  3. Gain further qualifications that will prepare us to better serve our clients and partners.

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Rayshorn Richardson

Chief Executive Officer