Mrs Parris

I had a laptop that was giving problems for a while and then finally it was not able to switch on.I took it to two different person but nothing, it remained the same. I had given up and did not even collected it from the last person. However, having a conversation with a former coworker I was told about Mr Rayshorn Richardson at Eknotec Services who had done some work on her daughter's netbook. I decided I would give it a try so I contacted the person who had it to get it to me. When I collected it I got the number for Mr Richardson and immediately called to asked for his service. He visited my workplace to check it out and eventually had to carry it. He contacted me the next day to give update and permission to replace memory. The next two days I was presented with my laptop in working condition up to this present moment. I would recommend Eknotec Services to anyone who has any computer, laptop or netbook to be service. The service is quick and efficient,try it.