Why you are failing?

Do you believe that the growth and the usage of Technology can make a difference in the way we learn and teach?

Technology has been revolutionizing Education and it has been proven that with the use of technology, teachers teach more effectively, and their students grades and the way they learn have shifted and improved. 

Some interesting facts taken from Educators Technology states that:

Stats about Technology transforming learning:

  • 50% of students  ages 10 to 18 go online for homework help at least once a week
  • 75% of students ages 5-7 regularly use technology to play educational games
  • students who study on mobile devices spend 40 minutes more per week studying than those who don't

Stats about Technology transforming teaching:

  • 91% of administrators say effective use of ed tech is critical to their mission of high student achievement
  • 74% of administrators say digital content in schools increases student engagement
  • 77% of teachers say technology use in the classroom motivates students to learn
  • 76% of teachers say technology allows them to respond to a variety of learning styles


This brings me to the concern that I have about Saint Vincent. I have always wondered is there a better way to use technology in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines? As I pondered and research I see the potential in us using technology a lot better than we are currently. There are many technology out there for example Google Classroom, it is a piece of technology that can be used to introduce better learning in the classroom. 

Lets look at it:

  • Are you a student where your teacher seems distant? I have some experience with that and so I know the benefits of having an involved teacher. This isn't always easy to pull off though, teachers are people too and have a lot on their plates. Google Classroom has open the possibility for students and teachers to work together even outside of the classroom, there is an app for your mobile and you can use it on your PC.
  • Some of us aren't tech savvy but Google Classroom is so simple that you don't need to be. As a test I have set up two classrooms using it and the task is so simple, it wasn't what I wanted but for some of you, it can be that simple solution that would take your classroom to another dimension.
  • Simple isn't always bad but there are times you want to have more so you can do more. That is how I felt with Google Classroom but I realize that there are ADD ON's, yes it has add-ons, which makes it all the better. You will have to do some research and spend some time looking for the right apps for you and your classroom but it will be worth it.

Using Technology like Google classroom, have made it possible for teachers and students to learn and grow together. I know it can be a lot of work setting up and using these different tools but in the end you would be better off for it. I can not explain all the usage and benefits of using Education Technology in this one article but I hope you will make the time to look at some of them for yourselves.

Lets take a look at the infograph from Educator Technology, it helps us to see the benefits of Ed-Tech in a more graphical way. Lets shed some light on what we can do better right here in Saint Vincent, let this article be the beginning of using Technology more effeciently. 

We at Eknotec Services are working on our own Ed-Tech and know it will help Saint Vincent in the future with technology in the classrooms. 

Check out this PDF download to learn more about how Ed-Tech affects the classroom.

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Technology use in Saint Vincent