• Training


  1. Business Training

    - Starting a Business is never easy. We have the dream to create something new but we don't know how. With Collaborative efforts between Eknotec and Anthony's Accounting, we teach students how to start and grow a business. We work with you in a step by step process to create your Dream Job. Contact us so we can put you on the list to join for the next classes.

  2. IT Training

    - Working with Schools and Private tutors, we aim to introduce IT as a subject to Grade 5-6. Training covers Hardware, Software, Coding and much more. IT in schools opens a greater possibility for students to be able to become critical thinkers. Coding and IT is more than just a subject by itself but a gateway that helps in other aspects of study and life. 
    The world is becoming more Technologically advanced, so we need to prepare our children to live and adapt to this world. We teach them how to secure themselves online in a Digital World that is become more unsecure. 


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