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What is the Cloud?

The “cloud” is one of the biggest phrases in telecommunications, yet many businesses are not using the cloud. In fact, some users still find the cloud to be a daunting thing. But this is because they don’t know how the cloud can greatly benefit their business. One of the big things a business can do to help boost their efficiency and speed is to invest in cloud storage.

Simply put, the cloud storage provides an online space where users can store and share data. It is an important tool for businesses that want secure data storage that can be accessed by employees in any location. Choosing a cloud storage solution takes a bit of research; but once you settle on a cloud storage solution, you will be able to start taking advantage of all the cloud has to offer.

What Types of Cloud Storage Services are Available?

There are four types of cloud storage: personal, public, private, and hybrid. Below we detail each of them to help you better understand your options:

  • 1Personal

    the most common version of this is mobile device backups.Consumersalso use personal cloud services for documents, photos, music and more.

  • 2Public

    An online storage space that has minimal admin controls and can be accessed by anyone who is authorized.

  • 3Private

    Typically a company’s own data center, either on­site or externally hosted. It gives you the freedom to design the system to meet your needs.

  • 4Hybrid

    A combination of public and private. You can choose what data gets stored where.


How Can Cloud Storage Help My Business?

Businesses that are not using any type of cloud storage system are certainly missing out on a number of things. Here are a few of the benefits that choosing a cloud storage provider can bring to your business:

  1. Personal - the most common version of this is mobile device backups.Consumersalso use personal cloud services for documents, photos, music and more
  2. Accessibility - With a cloud storage service,you greatly increase your business’reach. Cloud storage allows you access data from anywhere, and doesn’t require you to have costly on­site hardware to store your data. Also, most cloud storage services have multiple distributed data centers in case of failover or natural disasters. This way, you always have access to your data.
  3. Security - cloud storage solutions offer top­notch security that aims at keeping all of your data safe. Most cloud storage services use encryption, third­party validation, security software, and more to ensure that your data is protected.
  4. Cost - compared to hosting and updating your own equipment, a cloud storage serviceis much more affordable. Plus, cloud storage will help to minimize the time and money you spend on routine backups and system upgrades.


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