Advanced Threats: Am I At Risk?

According to the midyear update to the 2020 SonicWall Cyber Threat Report, while the quantity of malware deployed overall is dropping, the malware that is going out is both more advanced and more targeted than ever before. The degree of sophistication displayed in some phishing and social engineering strategies proves that even if you don’t know your adversary, they certainly know you — and if they’re successful in fooling you, their weapons of choice are often capable of completely circumventing legacy cybersecurity solutions.

These sorts of threats will often obfuscate in front of security solutions, only to execute later when in memory — or worse, in the CPU and hardware where you are a tenant, perhaps in a service you have in the cloud where the hardware itself executes the code and steals your information.

And if you’re thinking only a handful of cybercriminals have access to this level of sophistication, think again.

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