I believe that many of us have the potential for great things in our lives if given the chance. I have seen many people give up on their goals and visions because of their situation in life. I was told that being from a small island in the Caribbean meant that you wouldn't be given the chance to be more than you are now. It was a trial in my life and it is still a trial in the lives of many, for some it seems like a reality but I know that it doesn't have to be that way.

I started my business in hopes of being a beacon to others that you can be whatever you set your mind on becoming. I wanted to prove that in the Caribbean we don't have to be or stay small businesses but that we can become a hub of innovation and growth. 

I welcome all who see the same vision to join us by becoming our partners on this journey or by joining our team.

Mission: To increasing opportunities for everyone through transformational solutions that would increase productivity, privacy, and security for all individuals and businesses while inspiring others to do the same.

Vision: Mixing traditional IT + cloud adoption to drive digital transformations to protect privacy, increase productivity, profits and an overall better experience for our clients by 2025.


Rayshorn Richardson